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About Me

  The reason why I write these pages... As I have mentioned before, I got into foraging at a very early age. This was mostly out of necessity, but I also liked it, even as a kid. This affinity and interest for wild food stayed with me for the...

Come and Visit the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

A fantastic opportunity for a weekend of adventure or you next vacation. The little town of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of BC lies nestled between two large bodies of salt water. On the south side of town stretches the vast expanse of Georgia...


Should you have any comments or questions or if you just want to say "hello", contact me here.


Welcome! Are you concerned with your health, food safety or the pollution of the environment? Whatever the motivation , more and more people are choosing organic food for themselves and their families. So what is organic food? If a food item is...


The morel is one of the best tasting mushrooms you may find in the woods. They seem to like wood ash and lime. When we lived in North Vancouver, we had an incinerator made out of coarse iron mesh. It was used to burn scrap paper and card board....


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Store bought Organic Food

The first source of clean, healthy Organic Food. The trend is up. Organic food is more and more readily available in grocery stores and Super markets. You can see the “organic” label on many shelves and a goodly portion of every produce section is ...

The Organic Food Scout Store

Click here to access store

The Organic Garden

The second source of green, Organic Food. If you are fortunate enough to have a back yard, you are in business. If not, a rooftop or even a balcony will have to do. In your backyard, what you are looking for, is a piece of real estate that...

My Super Production Potato Patch.

When I plant potatoes in a regular garden bed, I dig a v-shaped ditch, plant the potatoes in it and then fill in the dirt from both sides to form a ridge over the planted spuds. That puts them about one foot under the ground and you will wind up with...

How to create a lush Organic Garden.

Fix your Soil and you have a Garden, your Neighbors will be Drooling over! Both farmers and gardeners are striving to get the biggest and lushest crops. Many use chemical fertilizers to achieve that. We are looking for an organic way to get there. So...

West Coast Maple Syrup

Everyone knows, Canada is the home of maple syrup. Yet, everyone thinks of Ontario and Quebec in connection with maple syrup. There is never any mention of even the possibility of maple syrup being produced in places like British Columbia and in fact,...

Why eat Organic Food?

 Indeed, why would you? The main reasons are serious health concerns. A great many processed foods contain additives like Trans Fat or High Fructose Corn Syrup, associated with obesity, bad cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Then there is ...

All about GMOs

Dear Reader, On June 25, 2014, at precisely 12:00 p.m. Hillary Clinton took the stage at the San Diego Convention Center. She was speaking to a crowd of 15,000 people. And even though she spoke for 65 minutes, this wasn’t part of her campaign… a m...

Wild berries

Some of the most wonderful wild organic food comes in the form of berries. We used to live on the Seymour River in North Vancouver. Come mid May, the summer run steel head would be moving in the river. Before the valley was opened up to the general...


The juicy Blackberry I live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and the place is loaded with the Himalayan Blackberry. It is an introduced species to North America. The guy who in introduced it, thought it came from the Himalayas. In actual...

Crab Apples

The delicious Crab Apple. I would like to qualify this statement. They are not delicious, if you eat them raw right off the tree. Rather, they will pucker your mouth and everything else that is pucker-able. You need to do something with them,...

Red and black Huckleberry

The misunderstood Huckleberry, also called Billberry. Almost everyone I know calls them blueberries. And it makes sense – the berries are blue or black, at least from the blue or black varieties and they look and even taste somewhat like blueberries. ...

Wild Mushrooms.

I really like wild mushrooms! My history with wild mushrooms goes way back. I earned the very first money, I made in my life, by selling wild mushrooms. At the end of World War II, we were very much into foraging. Besides raiding the local farmers...

King Bolete

The amazing King Bolete. Of all the mushrooms out there, I believe , the King Bolete is the unchallenged champion. People don't call it king for nothing! It is the classic mushroom that appears in all the children's books, depicting woods with...


The unique Chanterelle – a gourmet's delight. An alternative name for chanterelles, is Egg mushroom. The reason for this becomes quite obvious, when you see them. They are the color of scrambled eggs. They are very meaty and flute shaped with a w...

Wild organic greens.

There are dozens of edible wild plant species growing in North America and the rest of the World, ready for the taking. They grow in the woods, the fields, swamps, sagebrush country, mountains and river bottoms. Even in your back yard, if you have...

Bull Thistle

The prickly Bull Thistle This plant is a native of Asia and Europe and is considered an invasive species in North America, where it now is widely spread. When you are out for a walk, you might find these prickly looking rosettes, from 1 to 2...


The versatile Cattail // Everyone has seen the big brown fruit spikes of the cattail. They grow in swamps, on lake shores, along stream banks and even in ditches beside roadways. Cattails are a big plant – up to 9 feet tall. The young s...


The succulent Chickweed // Early spring is the time to look for chickweed. It is a cold weather plant and one of the first to pop up. This small and very fragile plant, forms dense mats, due to its prolific seed production. You can easily...


The lowly but very talented Dandelion. Almost everyone knows what dandelions look like. Their bright yellow flowers are very hard to miss in early spring. Dandelions are considered a noxious weed by most people and they go to great length, using...

Lamb's Quaters

The nutritious Lamb's Quarters A nice big stalk of lamb's quarter popped up in my potato patch as a volunteer. It was a weed, but an edible weed, so I had it for lunch as a green salad. It was great! Lamb's quarters is also known as pig weed, fat...

Sea Asparagus

Salicornia (Sea Asparagus) A few years ago, while strolling through the local farmer's market, I not noticed a weird looking plant piled up on one of the market stands. I asked the guy behind the stand: “What is this?” He proceeded to tell me, it ...

Siberian Miner's Lettuce

The succulent Siberian Miner's Lettuce One day in May, a few years ago, my brother and I decided to explore a remote valley on the east side of Harrison Lake in British Columbia. There are no roads to this place. We ran up the lake as far as we could...

Stinging Nettles

The incredible – often maligned Stinging Nettle. Most people hate the stinging nettle. You touch it or even brush against it and it bites you. This bite can be quite irritating. Small hair on the leaves and stems will penetrate your skin, when touched, a...


Watercress – one of the oldest leafy vegetable consumed by humans. There is a seepage on the bank behind our house, which forms into a small creek that flows along the back alley. The creek bed is covered with watercress in great profusion. It thrives t...


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