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As I have mentioned before, I got into foraging at a very early age. This was mostly out of necessity, but I also liked it, even as a kid. This affinity and interest for wild food stayed with me for the rest of my life and so today, I am writing about it.

You reading this, tells me, you are similarly inclined.

But it wasn't just wild food, it was simply the woods - untouched wild places that held my attention - they fascinated me.

Dean River Trout

Dean River Trout

So following this fascination, I spend just about all my free time in the bush – fishing, hunting in the fall, hiking, camping, trail riding and exploring.

I am now retired and I am still at it, when I am not working on this website.

Talking about this website,

Alaska Highway Moose Hunt

Alaska Highway Moose Hunt

The volume of material that can be dealt with here is mind blowing. There are dozens of edible plants out there, I have yet to mention.

I would like to go into things found on the beach, like clams, oysters, whelks, limpets, mussels, crabs, sea urchins etc.

Another area of interest is West Coast Maple syrup from our local Big Leaf Maples.

I have never collected any of this, but I am going to and I will tell you about my experiences. So stay tuned.

It's been nice chatting with you – thanks for listening!

Any comments or questions, just click here.

Trail Ride Rainbow Range Chicotin BC

Trail Ride Rainbow Range Chicotin BC