Come and Visit the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

A fantastic opportunity for a weekend of adventure or you next vacation.

Sechelt, town between waters.

Sechelt, town between waters.

The little town of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of BC lies nestled between two large bodies of salt water.

On the south side of town stretches the vast expanse of Georgia straight, now called the Salish Sea after the local native nation.

The north side is occupied by Porpoise Bay which is the head of Sechelt inlet that runs north for

Skookumchuck Narrows with the tide running out.

Skookumchuck Narrows with the tide running out.

some miles gushing through Skookumchuck Narrows into an elaborate network of inlets, bays and islands.

Most of this area is inaccessible by road, quite remote and largely untouched by man.

The wildlife here ranges from otter to orka. There are seals everywhere. On our last trip we had a grizzly bear shuffle through our campsite and the next day a bull sea lion follow our kayaks for about 5 miles coming as close as six feet to the boats. ( They are harmless.)

This area is a wonderland of fjords with towering cliffs on either side, 1000m high waterfalls, river valleys and woods that go on for ever.

The head of Princess Louisa Inlet

The head of Princess Louisa Inlet

The jewel of this region is a place called Princess Louisa Inlet.

Given a kayak, the opportunities for adventure are limitless – camp in remote places, live off the land – there are oysters everywhere clams on the beaches, fish and crabs to catch and wild greens in the woods.

Besides the water, we have one of the best mountain biking set ups called Coast Gravity Park.

Kayaking up Jervis Inlet towards Vancouver Bay

Kayaking up Jervis Inlet towards Vancouver Bay

There are hiking trails from the beaches to the alpine regions, following creek valleys with waterfalls, canyons and jewel like lakes.

If this sounds a bit hype, please forgive me – I love this place, but there is also an ulterior purpose:
My wife, Verna and I just put a listing on Airbnb and we would like to invite you to come and visit us.

The Wildernes

The Wilderness

It's quite inexpensive and I could be your local guide on whatever route to adventure you choose. It could be a new experience for you, to see the wilderness through the eyes of someone, who has spend a lot of time there.

Then there is my garden which I am quite proud of, you could grill some steaks in the yard and you could enjoy a sauna after a hard day's hike or swim.

Should this be something you are interested in, book your stay with us at this link.

Thank you!

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